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Chow Chow - Dedicated to the Chow Chow (also known as the Chow) — from breeders to owners to those who just fancy this puffy-lio

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Chow Chow

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Chow Fanciers breed, show in conformation and obedience. Your site must display the chow chow in a postive manner. No puppies mills are allowed! Bringing true chow people together!

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Feature Your Site! - 01/22/2003
Hi! I've been featuring this WebRing within the 'chow' category. It brings in a lot more hits for everybody. I've just been doing this out of my own pocket, and I can't afford to anymore.

If someone features a Site on my Ring, part of that fee goes to WebRing and part goes to my account. Right at the moment I've put a 'suggested' amount, but when you ask to be featured you're asked to offer an amount and that could be anything at all. To be perfectly honest, in most cases I'll be willing to feature the top three offers, and my 'suggested' amount doesn't really mean diddly.

So anyway. What I'm basically saying is, please consider featuring your Site. Featuring your Site puts it at the top of each page when someone is browsing the Ring, and I can tell you from the times I have featured MY sites, it brings you a lot more traffic.

Featuring your Site also helps give me the resources to feature the whole Ring, which will bring in a lot more people who will then see your featured Site and bring you yet more traffic.

To ask that your site be featured, just go to the Ring Hub through View Ring Sites at the top of the forum, and click on Edit Site Information. You can click on the checkbox asking to be featured, and enter your offer amount. There will be a link there to all the details of the featured site program that WebRing runs, and it will tell you about how it all works.

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