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Commercial-Free German Shepherd

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Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is the place to discuss all things 'GSD'. Feel free to post your questions, answers, and comments about anything pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog. Our Forum is dedicated to the ultimate combination of beauty, character, intelligence, agility, and working ability... also known as the German Shepherd Dog... Deutscher Schäferhund... the ultimate dog, the TOTAL canine. We welcome breeders, trainers, handlers, and owners who believe in combining the top GSD bloodlines from around the world to produce dogs of a caliber worthy of the breed. Our Forum is open to those who strive to achieve the highest standards in breeding and competition. Shutzhund or Show Ring, Police K9 or family pet, Bundessieger or Westminster, this versatile breed is always at the top of their game. Browse our member sites, and feel free to join us if you have something to discuss about the German Shepherd Dog.

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Welcome to our Forum!
  Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is th

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my 7 month old gsd - 10/03/2005
hi,Im having a battle trying to get my pup{not very small}not to jump all over me when i get home or stopping him from putting his mouth onmy hands and arms i know he's just excited but it hurts

Replied - 10/14/2005
I had this issue both with jumping and mouthing my hands. My husband asked someone who works with K-9 units (shepherd only) and was told the following. It worked for us although now my shepherd is 2 1/2 and every once in a while he needs reminding not to do these things. I am not an expert, just a 110 pound shepherd owner who has a 95 pound dog. It's critical that mine behaves.
For jumping: simply raise your knee up. Pups are resilient and they will kind of bounce off. Doesn't take long for them to figure it out. Or, once he/she has jumped up, and their front paws are on you, take hold of the front paws and hold them in the standing position until the dog becomes visibly uncomfortable with it, then let go. Pup needs to associate a not so comfortable consequence with the undesirable behavior.

For the mouthing of hands. This was kind of cute for a while and then I couldn't tolerate it any more. I was told to GENTLY gag the pup with whatever finger(s) ended up in his mouth. Just enough to elicit a gag response and then command NO BITE. FYI make sure your fingernails aren't long or sharp.

Good luck.

Replied - 11/18/2005
Hi my main interest is German Shepherds and I have also work with the police dogs doing training.

The best thing to do is when you walk in ignore him/her and turn your back to her. When he/she sits down quietly give he/she a treat or praise, he/she then associates he jumping with being ignored and sitting quietly with getting a treat or praise. Another way is dropping something like keys or shake an empty filled with stones. They then learn to associate jumping up with a horrid noise.

Hope this helps if you want asome more advice by all mean email me at


Replied - 01/18/2006
try a knee in the chest when he jumps. don't be soft - the less pleasurable it is for him, the sooner he will stop jumping. also, don't speak to him when he jumps - if you yell at him, he's getting attention, which is why he's jumping in the first place. if that doesn't work, when he jumps, grab his front paws and hold them for a good 30-40 seconds. again, don't say anything to him when you do this. good luck!

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