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Commercial-Free German Shepherd

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Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is the place to discuss all things 'GSD'. Feel free to post your questions, answers, and comments about anything pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog. Our Forum is dedicated to the ultimate combination of beauty, character, intelligence, agility, and working ability... also known as the German Shepherd Dog... Deutscher Schäferhund... the ultimate dog, the TOTAL canine. We welcome breeders, trainers, handlers, and owners who believe in combining the top GSD bloodlines from around the world to produce dogs of a caliber worthy of the breed. Our Forum is open to those who strive to achieve the highest standards in breeding and competition. Shutzhund or Show Ring, Police K9 or family pet, Bundessieger or Westminster, this versatile breed is always at the top of their game. Browse our member sites, and feel free to join us if you have something to discuss about the German Shepherd Dog.

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Welcome to our Forum!
  Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is th

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16 month old male GSD attacked female dog! - 08/16/2006
I have a 16 month old male GSD, 12 month old female, 6 month old female, and a 8 week old male. They all get along great, just the normal bickering between the three oldest. Here is what scares neighbor has a three year old female shi-tzu that my 16 month old male does NOT like. When the shi-tzu comes in our yard and my dogs are kenneled, Sirrus will pace and bark like he is not happy. The female shi-tzu is not a likeable dog. The only person this dog will not bite is her owner. Here is what happened.....
FRIDAY: I told my neighbor when she came to my house that I would feel better if she did not bring her dog over when my dogs were out because he acted uneasy. She told me that male dogs do not fight female dogs.
SATURDAY: I came home and let my dogs out to run with me for a couple of hours. They play ball with me and my kids as well as my brothers kids. My neighbor came over and we were talking when it started to rain. We went into my garage which my dogs followed me, they follow me wherever I go. My neighbors daughter let their shi-tzu out of the house and she came to my house. We were in the garage and my dogs acted like they could care less that the female dog was there so I didn't think much about it. Then my 8 week old male puppy approached the shi-tzu trying to play with her. She inturn lunged and snapped at him. My 16 month old male reacted. He grabbed the shi-tzu dog by the neck and started shaking it like a rag doll. I told him no a couple of times. He let go at some point and her dog ran in the corner of my garage and yelped uncontrolably.
I put my dogs up and checked out her dog. She was bleeding from her shoulder, that was Saturday, today is Monday and my neighbors dog has made a full recovery but I am beside myself.
Her and her husband have told me over and over that if my dog sees thier dog again, he will "finish what he started and kill her" and they have also told me that if that was my one year old daughter that hurt the pup he would have probably attacked her. WHAT..... could this be possible! I have never second guessed my Shepherds around my kids or my brothers kids, (which live next door, 12, 10 & 6yrs old). But could they be right? Should I be paying more attention to my male Shepherd around those kids? He has never shown ANY aggression towards any kid before.

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