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Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is the place to discuss all things 'GSD'. Feel free to post your questions, answers, and comments about anything pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog. Our Forum is dedicated to the ultimate combination of beauty, character, intelligence, agility, and working ability... also known as the German Shepherd Dog... Deutscher Schäferhund... the ultimate dog, the TOTAL canine. We welcome breeders, trainers, handlers, and owners who believe in combining the top GSD bloodlines from around the world to produce dogs of a caliber worthy of the breed. Our Forum is open to those who strive to achieve the highest standards in breeding and competition. Shutzhund or Show Ring, Police K9 or family pet, Bundessieger or Westminster, this versatile breed is always at the top of their game. Browse our member sites, and feel free to join us if you have something to discuss about the German Shepherd Dog.

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Welcome to our Forum!
  Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is th

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Floppy ears on 4 month old-should we use calcium? - 03/08/2005
We have two male 4 month old German Shephard pups. One has had his ears up since he was 2.5 months. Our other pup had them up just briefly for about 2-3 days when he was 9-10 weeks old, but have been down most of the time. Besides taping, any suggestion on vitamins or anything that may help. Presently, feeding them Science diet for food. Thanks for any help anyone can give us. We would prefer not to have a GS with floppy ears.

Replied - 03/19/2005
Make sure the pup has enough to chew on. Adding Calcium is not a good idea. Better off with plain gelatin.

Replied - 03/31/2005
i'm having that issue w/my 6 month old - i've read 2 packs of unflavored gelating per feeding (2 feedings/day).good luck. supplementing w/calcium can be dangerous - i wouldn't use it w/o the aid of a knowledgable vet.

Replied - 05/18/2005
sometimes the can fall back down while the pup is teething but if after 5-5.5 months there is no improvement then i'd tape them

Replied - 05/20/2005
It does no harm to "tape the ears" if done properly. Why gamble, tape them.

Calcium additive is ok but you can achieve more by feeding your dogs raw chicken wings, drummets or necks.

I repeat, "raw" as in "not cooked."

This is also very good for their teeth, gums & overall health.

Replied - 05/30/2005
Any luck with the gelatin? I am having a horrible time with her ears. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Replied - 10/10/2005
Hi, I have a 6 month old german shepard and when she was 4 and half months old I got what they call tear menders glue, I sat in front of my dog and held her ears the way they should be and put a small line of glue on the edge of one and held them both together for about 30 seconds until they bonded and then just left them like that and in a few days or whenever the glue comes apart the ears will stay in that position and after a while they will settle in the position they are supposed to be in. Hope this helps if not just checks with some of the breeders they'll tell you the same.

Replied - 09/15/2007
I had a similar issue with my 6 month old GSD, her left ear flopped during her teething period. I researched many web sites and most often they said to glue a foam hair curler into the dogs ear and by the time the glue wore off, the curler would fall out and the dog's ear would stand on its own. I was worried the peeling glue would fall into her ear canal and result in infections later on so I developed what I felt was the best solution. I purchased some foam pipe insulation, cutting it lengthwise to form a concave brace to fit the contour of her ear. I cut it to length just enough to gently place below her scalp line into her ear then trimmed the tips at an angle then using medical tape to wrap gently from top to bottom. After about 3 weeks the tape was falling off and the ear began standing on its own. Also with the foam curler idea the dogs tend to scratch at the ear with glue and unless you find just the right type of glue(more often than not they suggest contact cement) it may cause the dog discomfort and/or allergic reaction. Try the pipe insulation idea I swear by it

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