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Commercial-Free German Shepherd

Manager: andrea
Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is the place to discuss all things 'GSD'. Feel free to post your questions, answers, and comments about anything pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog. Our Forum is dedicated to the ultimate combination of beauty, character, intelligence, agility, and working ability... also known as the German Shepherd Dog... Deutscher Schäferhund... the ultimate dog, the TOTAL canine. We welcome breeders, trainers, handlers, and owners who believe in combining the top GSD bloodlines from around the world to produce dogs of a caliber worthy of the breed. Our Forum is open to those who strive to achieve the highest standards in breeding and competition. Shutzhund or Show Ring, Police K9 or family pet, Bundessieger or Westminster, this versatile breed is always at the top of their game. Browse our member sites, and feel free to join us if you have something to discuss about the German Shepherd Dog.

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Welcome to our Forum!
  Welcome to "German Shepherd Dog - The TOTAL Canine" Forum! This Forum is th

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Itchy Nose - 01/13/2005
My shepherd who is almost 10 years old has had severe itching/allergies of her nose and eyes lately. I have noticed in the past year or so it has become extreme where she is constantly rubbing her nose and eyes against everything all day long. I waited for the spring and summer to go by thinking maybe it was seasonal but it is now winter and cold and she is still having problems. The vet put her on prednisone and we tried benydryl but neither got rid of the problem. I will scratch her nose with my nails several times a night to her extreme delight but it still doesn't stop her from scratching herself many other times. Has anyone else had this problem with their dog and do you have a solution. The vet said they might have to try allergy testing at a high cost with monthly shots. I'd appreciate any help with this problem to avoid the allergy testing and shots.

Replied - 01/15/2005
Sounds like an allergic reaction to me which is most likely linked to her environment. You say she’s only started itching lately. Has she been sniffing anything different? Can you think of anything that been introduced to her environment round about the same time the itching started? Does your dog live indoors? Have you started using any household detergents at the same time the itching started? Does she itch as much indoors as outdoors? Did the itching start gradually and increase with time? etc etc. What I suggest is to watch her carefully and try and link a pattern in her behaviour which will lead you to the root cause. It is important to remove the root cause because while that remains, medication will not provide a cure. Hope this helps.

Replied - 03/15/2005
I have a 8yr old Shepherd thats is always getting yeast infections in his ears, his nose crusts up, and his eyes are
red. We have been to the vet several times in the last 5 years
and tried all kinds of drugs. This dog is a real trooper and
is going through hell, please help? He lives in the house and
loves walks and a picky eater.

Replied - 03/19/2005
What are you feeding him? Put him on a fast. Then introduce rice and some boiled chicken. Every 2/3 days put one tablespoon of yoghurt in his food. Find a good natural kibble and continue with the yoghurt 2/3 times a week. Purchase Nupro a great supplement for dogs and see if you see some improvement. Something is out of balance. By fasting, reintroducing food a I described, you will be cleaning his system out and introducing bacteria that will help with the yeast infection.

Replied - 04/30/2005
in response to itching of your german shepherd. at last someone who understands the upset to see your dog being constantly irritated and never becoming completely at ease. im afraid its off to the vets for lots and lots of allergy tests. i hope to have my gentle contented seven year old back soon. From a sympathetic owner

Replied - 11/18/2005
I would be careful with chicken. Hamburger might be safer. Many GSD's are allergic to poultry which could be causing your problem. It could go hand in hand with the yeast problem. (this is what turned out to my GSD's problem) As suggested, I would go with a quality food for sensitive dogs and keep his meals pure.

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